The benefits of six study periods per year

The benefits of six study periods per year

Adult learning has transformed and is becoming far more accessible for modern working professionals, increasingly tailored to meet their career goals. With advances in technology and connectivity, it’s never been easier to study whenever, wherever – or as quickly.

Excelsia College’s 100 per cent online, accelerated approach to postgraduate learning enables you to complete a degree part-time, while you work, faster than other universities. This is because Excelsia College delivers a concentrated online timetable, which has six enrolment dates throughout the year.

For those who may not have studied in years, or may be unfamiliar with online study, here are some of the reasons why our six-study-period structure simply works.

Study that fits in with your schedule

Online study at Excelsia College moves with you and your lifestyle, not the other way around. There’s no need to compromise family and work commitments because you can access your coursework when and where it suits you. Unit readings, videos, assignments and supporting documents are delivered through an intuitive learning platform. You’ll connect with academics and fellow online students via forums and live chat, to discuss topics and assessments. This can be done from home, your local library or your favourite cafe, on any computer or mobile device.

Consolidate your learning, one unit at a time

Our single-unit study blocks, which last for seven weeks, enable you to focus on one subject at a time to consolidate your understanding of concepts and theories. The knowledge you gain over this period can also be applied to your work straight away, while you study. What’s more, there’s no need to take time off work to get through your degree. With everything else that’s going on in your life, you can rest assured that while you study your Masters online, your career will continue to progress in the right direction.

Finish your degree sooner

At Excelsia College Online, you can start your study sooner, rather than wait for the traditional semester, or even trimester, intakes of on-campus learning. This means that if you complete an eight-unit Masters in consecutive study periods, you’ll gain a degree in just 16 months. The accelerated nature of the course delivery enables you to achieve your career objectives quicker than ever before. Now that’s smart learning!  

Excelsia College’s online postgraduate courses provide the perfect balance of academic rigour and Christian values. With solid foundations in ethics-based learning and development, you’ll become a leader who holds a rare, yet valued skillset. Learn more about how you can fast-track your degree for a brighter future, call 1300 917 916 to speak to a dedicated Student Advisor.