How can teachers inspire solid literacy habits in young students?

How can teachers inspire solid literacy habits in young students?

While literacy rates across Australia are generally improving, they are still trailing behind other countries. Literacy - the ability to read and write in order to learn, communicate and understand thoughts and ideas - is an essential basis for continued development and learning throughout life.

So once a child is attending school, how can teachers promote student literacy habits and inspire students to continue their learning both inside and outside the classroom? This has been a challenge facing the education sector for a number of years, but here are some ideas for improving literacy skills.

Interactive reading

When reading one-to-one with students, encourage them to think about the story, the characters and the message of the book. This will determine how well the students comprehend and deconstruct what they are reading. When it is story-time in the classroom, set aside some time at the end of reading to discuss and ask questions about the characters, how they might be feeling or what they might do next. Spark their creativity by asking students to write their own short stories that feature these characters, to truly envelop children in the wonders of fiction.

Design day-to-day reading and writing tasks

Design and plan lessons that students can effortlessly use and apply to life outside the classroom. This could be based around a range of activities, such as identifying food and creating shopping lists, writing greetings cards for birthdays or Christmas, or creating and reading recipes. Parents can then further encourage and support this learning at home as well as get a helping hand with their housework!

Knowledge as an enabler

Ask any adult, and they’ll likely say that as they’ve become older, their thirst for knowledge and information has increased since their school days. Use your own experience of this to enhance the quest for knowledge in students and ask them to create presentations on a certain topic. The great thing about this is that it can be used for any subject, but still encompasses key literacy skills. Plus, with the amount of information now available online, you can set this style of task for both class-based work and homework and encourage research and reading skills outside of the classroom with support from parents.

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