Dedicated study support: Meet a Student Success Advisor

Dedicated study support: Meet a Student Success Advisor

Online study can totally transform your career path and open up opportunities that you didn’t think were possible. It can also provide you with advanced knowledge in your chosen field. However, many people who have not studied online may wonder if this experience would suit them, as it is very different from on-campus study.

Every student at Excelsia College Online is allocated their own Student Success Advisor (SSA) to support their online study. And here’s a little insight into what this actually involves.

Support at every step of the way

The main responsibility of an SSA is to provide non-academic support, guidance and the best options to help students integrate study into their lifestyles.

Recently, we spoke to Vanisha Toolsie, an SSA from Excelsia College Online, about her role in ensuring students get the most out of their study and are fully supported from enrolment to graduation.

“I help students keep track of important dates, follow up on their assignment submission and monitor their academic progress” says Vanisha. “My role is very solution-oriented and this greatly helps students overcome their queries and uncertainties so that they can quickly get back on track with their studies.”

Vanisha says that she creates strong relationships with her students, and enjoys motivating them when they are in doubt or underestimating their capabilities.

“Many times they need that extra push and motivation to keep them going. The most rewarding feeling for me is to have supported them at every step of their online journey until graduation.”

Tips for success

Vanisha believes there is a range of best practices that can help students succeed when studying online. We asked her to list her top three tips for students when studying online:

  1. Set yourself a steady study routine. A minimum of 20 hours a week which can be broken down into smaller chunks is ideal. For example, two to three hours a night, and then maximising some time at the weekend will allow you to seamlessly integrate online study into your schedule.
  2. Reach out to your learning facilitator at Excelsia and your Student Success Advisor whenever in doubt, and;
  3. Interact with your peers and form study groups/study buddies to share ideas and opinions to really maximise the knowledge and learnings you take away from the degree.

So, if you have been thinking about starting your online Master of Education with Excelsia College, but are unsure as to how you will adapt to online study, rest assured that we will be with you every single step of the way.

Our student support services ensure online study works with you, so you can focus on building on your knowledge and take the next step in your career. Get in touch with our Enrolment team on 1300 917 916 to find out more.