Traits of strong teachers and leaders in education

Traits of strong teachers and leaders in education

Do you want to impact and influence the faces of the future? Have you been in the classroom and wanted the flexibility to use your values to help deliver lessons and teachings to students? Being a leader in education puts you in a position where you can be a decision-maker, influence for good and have a positive impact on the experiences of students throughout their schooling years. So how can you really stand out as a strong leader and make a difference?

Trust and develop your support network

A sports manager must trust the ability of the team. A CEO trusts the ability of higher-level management. Being a great leader in any industry requires you to trust the people and the team around you. The same applies for leaders in education. Whether you are heading up a classroom, department, year level or the whole school, you will not be able to implement your game-changing ideas single-handedly. You will require the support of colleagues, parents and students, and therefore must have trust in their ability, integrity and potential. These strong relationships will enable you to develop a receptive audience when you present them with different ideas and strategies.

Use your innovative and/or creative flair

There are plenty of opportunities for innovation and creativity in the education sector. Have your ear to the ground and do your research to assess how you can improve your school, classes or the overall experience on offer. For example, if you are leading in a Christian school, how can you better integrate Christian teachings and beliefs into the culture and values of the school? How can you ensure your school stands out from the rest? Innovation is also the confidence to try something different; it might be something small like a breakfast club or free instrument lessons, or something more challenging, but exciting, like a termly school production or school trips abroad. Innovation and creativity will inspire both teachers and students and truly make their school days the best of their lives.

Maintain and expect high standards

‘So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you’ Matthew 7:12.

As a leader, holding yourself to high standards allows you to set a level of excellence that you expect from those around you. This may be with regard to behaviour, attitude, effort and appearance; traits to which everyone can adhere, regardless of their background or academic ability. Be a leader with ethics; treat everyone fairly, with respect, and you can demand that courtesy in return. Positive attitudes and a willingness to learn to create a happy, caring and enjoyable school environment for everyone.

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