Postgraduate Study Online

Postgraduate Study Online


The accelerated learning structure offered at Excelsia College Online delivers a concentrated course timetable so you have the potential to complete your studies faster than at other universities. With six enrolment dates throughout the year, you can start your Master of Education sooner, rather than waiting for the traditional semester intake.

Ready when you are

Wherever you are, whenever your schedule allows it, you can access reading materials, study guides and reach your fellow students online. That means that if you are away on a trip or have family commitments, you can continue your studies while receiving tailored one-on-one support from our dedicated Student Success Advisors, as well as discussion with other students online.


Online learning has transformed the way students engage with academics, as well as with each other. Our connected academics deliver innovative lectures, tutorials and other study forums online for you to stream live or download, and learn later.

We encourage teamwork and our online delivery structure means you are connected to like-minded professionals across Australia and the world. This professional network is available for your study discussions, professional networking and project collaboration.


Experience a learning structure where you will probe, deliberate and co-create meaningful decisions and outcomes for real-world situations. This learning style allows you to apply your new skills to your work environment, immediately.