Applied Management Theory

Applied Management Theory

Applied Management Theory
Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters unit


Organisational management is both a central business function in its own right; it is a set of processes and approaches to the achievement of organisational goals. Sound theoretical and practical management principles are integrated into the analysis of management functions, determining their relevance to organisational plans and problems. Linkages between specific managerial functions and organisational objectives and strategies are also covered. 

The following topics will be addressed in this unit:

  • Introduction to management, skills and types
  • Organisation environment and culture
  • Organisational planning and goal setting
  • Strategic management and communication
  • Managerial decision-making
  • Management and coordination in various organisational structures
  • Managing change and innovation
  • Human resource management
  • Leading and managing effectively and ethically
  • Motivation and job design
  • Communication and management of teams
  • Managerial and quality control.

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of organisational environmental analysis to management practices
  • Differentiate the relationship and relevance of modern views of strategy and organisational decision making to management practices
  • Demonstrate an ability to synthesise and apply knowledge and understanding of contemporary views of motivation to human resource management practices
  • Critically evaluate the relationship between leadership and management
  • Analyse the efficacy, appropriateness and probity of managerial communications
  • Integrate biblical frameworks into a contemporary understanding of organisational management, and exhibit awareness of the ethical challenges involved in organisational management
  • Analyse the relevance and effectiveness of managerial control practices in specific organisational contexts.


Please note, unit structure and content are subject to change. Contact your Excelsia Online student advisor on 1300 917 916 for more information based on your particular circumstances.