Organisational Learning and Change

Organisational Learning and Change

Organisational Learning and Change
Masters unit


The focus of this unit is primarily on organisational change – incremental and modular change (organisation development) and fundamental organisation-wide strategic change (transformation) – and change agency. The unit considers how theories and practices converge to advocate, design and implement development and transformation. 

The topics in this unit examine the theory and practice of organisational change and organisational learning:

  • Theories of change and relationship between learning and change
  • Organisational learning: a theoretical framework
  • Complexity, organisational learning and transformation
  • Organisational forgetting and memory
  • Overcoming organisational learning disabilities: the roles of teamwork, collaboration and shared vision
  • The process of organisational change
  • Organisation development and change, knowledge transfer and the role of technology
  • Organisational development: people, processes, strategy, technology and culture
  • Organisational transformation and change
  • Change in chaotic and unpredictable environments
  • Leadership, change and lifelong learning
  • Organisational change, strategy and wisdom: Managerial and strategic implications.

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate an advanced ability to:
    • analyse and critique the major theories of organisational learning
    • analyse and explain the dynamics of strategic organisational change
    • synthesise and apply knowledge and understanding of contemporary theories and practices of organisational learning and change management to the analysis of case study and research data.
  • Examine and critique the reasons for different approaches to change, and an advanced ability to apply this understanding to volatile or novel organisational contexts
  • Dissect and critique common perspectives on the role of, and relationship between, individuals, teams and leaders in the change process
  • Integrate biblical frameworks into a contemporary understanding of organisational learning and change
  • Integrate the concepts of organisational learning, strategic and innovative change management with leadership theory and practice.


Please note, unit structure and content are subject to change. Contact your Excelsia Online student advisor on 1300 917 916 for more information based on your particular circumstances.