Program and Portfolio Management

Program and Portfolio Management

Program and Portfolio Management
Masters unit


This unit examines program management in the organisational context, including engagement with the business, strategic business alignment and the challenges of multi-stakeholder management and resourcing. Emphasis is given to managing multiple projects as a program, including strategic alignment of portfolios, programs and projects. The management of program and portfolio-related risks, particularly those associated with interdependencies between projects will be highlighted.

Topics to be covered in this unit include:

  • The emergence of program and portfolio management
  • Organisational context: projects, programs and portfolios
  • Program maturity and culture
  • Decision, benefits and risk management
  • Program actors: roles and responsibilities
  • Program lifecycle
  • Program formulation and critical success factors; quantifying business value
  • Benefits management strategy and plan
  • Managing the value chain in programs and portfolios; integrating new capabilities and metrics assessment
  • Program appraisal, dissolution and governance.

Learning outcomes

  • Assess the merits and risks associated with inputs into various portfolio and program management processes, from technical, organisational and ethical perspectives
  • Demonstrate an advanced, critical appreciation of the principles and techniques of program and portfolio management
  • Evaluate and explain the appropriate tools and techniques for managing portfolios and programs
  • Ascertain what would be involved in establishing a portfolio and program management capability in an organisation to administer multiple projects
  • Design knowledge management processes that contribute to program and portfolio management systems development and organisational learning
  • Demonstrate awareness of the ethical aspects of program and portfolio management
  • Analyse program issues in various program contexts (e.g. geographically distributed program/project team members, cultural factors, budget constraints, organisational change), and determine the appropriate tools and techniques to recalibrate portfolios as may be required.


Please note, unit structure and content are subject to change. Contact your Excelsia Online student advisor on 1300 917 916 for more information based on your particular circumstances.