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Title: Managing Workplace Conflict

Presenter: Dr. Jeannie Trudel
Jeannie Trudel currently serves as the MBA Program Director at Excelsia College. She has a global background, having lived and worked in three countries. Her calling to higher education involved serving in varied roles including full time faculty, dean, and associate vice president for strategic initiatives. Through various organizations, she has served as a trainer and organization development consultant for corporate and non-profit organizations in Boston, Los Angeles and Louisville. She also teaches in the graduate and undergraduate business programs. Formerly a solicitor in Australia, she has subsequently served as court-appointed/ approved mediator in Los Angeles, Boston, and Louisville. Dr. Jeannie Trudel has a strong interest in conflict management in the workplace and her research area is on workplace incivility. She enjoys traveling and learning different languages in order to connect with others.  Her passion is for students to be ignited with the love of Christ and she loves to pray for people.

When: Tuesday 12th September 2017

Duration: 45 minutes

Everyone deals with conflict whether in the workplace, home or community. How do we manage conflict in the workplace? Presented by Dr. Jeannie Trudel, MBA Program Director at Excelsia College, this webinar will help participants understand the various sources and types of conflict. In addition, we will also explore strategies for managing the different types of workplace conflicts.



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