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Title: From Teacher to Leader: a Guide for Aspiring Leaders and Mentors

Presenter: Dr. Peter Stiles

When: Monday 13th November 2017, 4pm AEDT 

Duration: 45 minutes

In this webinar, Dr. Peter Stiles, (Acting) Head of Education at Excelsia College, will explore best practice behaviours and strategies for teachers to adopt when moving into leadership roles. For those leaders and mentors supporting teachers in the transition to such positions, we will discuss how best you can support teachers during this important stage of their career development.



Past webinars


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Discovery sessions:

Discovery sessions are available on-site or online for interested schools, organisations and businesses. This is a great opportunity to discuss Christian postgraduate education with your staff. Choose from one of our previous webinar topics, or work with our team to create a unique session on a topic of interest to your organisation. For bookings, please contact our Partnerships Manager, Amelia Wilson, on 1300 917 916 or email amelia@online.excelsia.com.au.